30 May
  • Lillidale Animal Health Ltd., a family-run business established in 1993 in Wimborne, Dorset. The journey begins as a company specializing in the distribution of animal healthcare products and nutraceuticals.
  • Our product range is diverse and caters to a large proportion of the needs of farmers, trainers and veterinarians alike.
  • We have excellent relationships with many major Governments and NGO’s, and take pride in supplying our products to State and Para state organisations as an important part of our business.
  • Along with the work being done by our office based team, we often travel from the UK to countries across the world to meet with existing and new clients.
  • Lillidale Animal Health LLC in Dubai is one of the leading distributors of animal health and nutritional products in the Arabian Gulf.
  • With our highly trained and dedicated team of veterinarians in Dubai, we have expanded our customer base, not only in the Gulf but also the wider middle East and beyond.

Web : https://animalhealth.lillidale.co.uk/ 

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