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Al Galayel Equine Center provides a high-quality service dedicated to reproduction and fertility of mares and stallions in the State of Qatar. Providing a team of highly skilled veterinarians applying the latest methods and techniques in this field, and a state of the art brand new equipment and laboratory and introduce new methods and technique in this field, in addition to a pharmacy with a variety of products and medications.  We are pleased to be the first public equine center, having a stallion station and embryo transfer facility.


The main target of our service is to improve the breeding program in Qatar by offering an updated high-quality medical service and providing a diversity of stallion bloodlines in our center and held the largest Arabian semen bank of Middle East. Providing technical support and awareness for the local breeder by making annual seminars regarding horse health and nutrition given by the best professionals in this fields. Meet the needs of all the necessity of horse supplements, feeds, and medicines without any shortage.
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Mare board housing

  • Staying in Al Galayel stables per day - Includes feeding (Hay/grass and Fortaleza® feed), grooming and bedding. 

Mare board housing with foal at foot

  • Staying in Al Galayel stables per day - Includes feeding (Hay/grass and Fortaleza® feed), grooming and bedding.

Fresh Artificial Insemination

  • Introduction of sperm into the mare's uterus. Price includes only the procedure.

Frozen Artificial Insemination 

  • Introduction of sperm into the mare's uterus, (Price includes only the procedure).

Mare Checking (on site) 

  • Reproductive status evaluation by transrectal palpation and ultrasound in Al Galayel Equine Center facilities. Please contact us to get your appointment.

Mare checking (outside location)

  • Please contact us for service requirements and appointment schedule.

Breeding soundness evaluation (standard exam)

  • Clinical exam, transrectal palpation, ultrasound, vaginoscopy.

Breeding soundness evaluation (complete exam)

  • Clinical exam, transrectal palpation, ultrasound, vaginoscopy. Additional hysteroscopy, biopsy and cytology.

Uterine LAVAGE (flushing)

  • Intrauterine treatment. Sterile material included on the price, drugs and fluids will be charged separately.


  • Diagnosis by observation of the endometrium (videoendoscopy - camera).

Caslick suture (stitches)

  • Surgically closing of the upper part of the mare's vulva

Foaling Mare

  • Includes preparation of the mare before foaling, night watchmen, special room, extra bedding, controlled and assisted parturition, veterinary examination of the newborn foal and aftercare, (Please contact us for room reservation).

Embryo Transfer

  • Please contact Al Galayel team for service requirement and reservation.

Stallion Housing

  • Includes feeding (hay and Fortaleza® feed), grooming, bedding and exercise routine *.

Semen collection and evaluation

  • Standard evaluation of fresh stallion semen performed in Al Galayel Laboratory . Includes Motility and Concentration. Additional analysis will be discussed with the veterinarian.

Collection training

  • Teaching and/or training the stallion to jump a Dummy (simulates mating with a mare) and semen collection procedure.

Semen Freezing

  • Single ejaculate freezing in Al Galayel's Laboratory . Quality analysis before and after freezing. Minitube's IceCube® automatic freezer and AndroVision®.

Frozen semen - Evaluation

  • Quality analysis of one (or two if needed) frozen semen straw/s. Motility, concentration and viability by Minitube's Androvision® and Chemometec's Nucleocounter®.

Semen Freezing Test

  • Comparative evaluation of the stallion semen with three different extenders to optimize the quality of the frozen semen.

Al Galayel Stallion Fresh Semen

  • One dose of fresh semen. Includes standard analysis (motility and concentration) and semen extender.

Al Galayel Stallion Frozen Semen

  • One dose of frozen semen. Processed in Al Galayel Laboratory with internationally accepted quality parameters. Contact us for availability.

STORAGE of frozen semen (per year)

  • Annual fees per canister.

STORAGE of frozen semen (per month)

  • Monthly fees per canister.

Clinical exam

  • Veterinarian examination. Complementary methods (if required) will be charge separately

Veterinary consultation (per hour)

  • Professional assessment of Al Galayel Team.

Floating teeth

  • Basic odontology exam. Please contact us for appointment


  • After death examination of the horse. Probable cause of death and diagnosis.

Emergency Service
Emergency veterinary service (24 hs. on call).

First working hour is including charge

On working hours (6am - 6pm): (a) 30 - 45 min drive (b) 45 - 80 min drive.

Additional 100qr per hour after the first one

After working hours: (a) 30 - 45 min drive (b) 45 - 80 min drive.


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